Name that movie…

This week’s #throwbackthursday features the 1967 mid-year Corvette from the 1997 action film “Con-Air”. Starring Nicholas Cage, ¬†John Cusack, Steve Buscemi and a number of other high ranked actors, this film used a multitude of vehicles including a wide array of military and commercial aircraft.

1967 Vettes are known not only because they were the last of the midyears, but also because of the side fender functional vents and Chevy’s decision to do away with the original style knock off ¬†wheels for a safer modified 5 lug pattern rally wheel.

Voted as one of “The Top 10 Best Movie Corvettes of All time” by, this Vette was doomed for destruction towards the end of the film (spoiler alert). It’s one of those iconic cars in film not for it’s actual make or model, but by it’s vanity license plate that read “AZZ KIKR”.

con air 3


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