Customer Ride of the Week 6/7/16

In our first installment of Corvette Pacifica‘s “Customer Ride of the Week“, our new weekly update for customer projects and progress, we have Jason’s 1970 C3 Corvette which is currently going through a full interior restoration.

He recently installed a range of new Interior Parts as he gets closer to finally finishing his project and getting it back on the road and looking great!

Featured parts from Corvette Pacifica include: console shift plate with engine data and fiber optics trim plate with a new lens set. He finished off his console restoration with our EC Products, Design Instrument Cluster bezel, a flagship part for Corvette Pacifica and one of our best selling products!

Next up for Jason are new door panels, rear quarter trim panels, t-top panels and a few electrical switches. Check out his progress below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To be featured next week, submit pics of your Vette to In the mean time, like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram!

Happy Motoring,
Corvette Pacifica



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