Customer Ride of the Week 6/14/16

Restoring a classic Corvette outside of the country is no easy task, but leave it to guys like Brian Greenall from Melbourne, Australia to find a way to make it work. His work-in-progress 1957 Chevrolet Corvette frame-off restoration project is truly a work of dedication and passion.

His work began with a complete fiberglass overhaul,  with new front end and rear end body components including a radiator core support, bonding stripsfront lower valence panel,  and a full body shaving to prep his car for paint. Brian decided on an original Cascade Green color option from 1957 for his Vette, and with only 550 C1’s coming from the factory with this option makes his paint job a rarity.

Following his paint job, Brian began the installation process of brand new body trim pieces. Brand new headlight buckets, headlamp trim rings, and headlamp cups give his vehicle a new front lighting setup for the last C1 model year with single chromed headlamps. Most recently, he installed a brand new windshield assembly and high quality replacement rubber weatherstripping for a great factory look and fit.

Check out some of his body work progression below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Brian’s upcoming plans include a complete original beige colored interior restoration including carpet, seat covers, and door panel rebuild. And with a new set of exact reproduction hubcaps with spinners and hardware, his ride will finally be that much closer to being back on the road where it belongs!

Brian Greenall 1957

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Happy Motoring,
Corvette Pacifica



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