Major Announcement

Please read this letter from our owner John Fortney regarding EC Products Design (the parent company and the wholesale side of Corvette Pacifica) and our most recent acquisition, Pacific Corvette Supply in Puyallup, Washington:

EC Products Design is pleased to announce that we are now taking over the production of all Pacific Corvette of Puyallup Washington part’s (former business) and now Adler Investments. I have enjoyed knowing Bill and Bob Adler for a very long time and doing business with them. It is the kind of relationship that makes our day and glad to be in business. Bob has been out of the business for some time and Bill continued on and now it going to take a much deserved break from the Corvette world and is going to enjoy new and different experiences.
A 27-foot truck full of new and NOS Corvette parts has recently arrived here at our Central Coast location from the state of Washington. As we bring many new parts to our Corvette product line from Adler Investments (all made in the USA), we will send out e-mail announcements to let you know what new parts we have with information on the part number, descriptions and pricing (listed online when you log in to our web site or often you can see the lowest quantity Q-Deal price in the e mail flyer). If you are not signed up for our bi-weekly e-mail flyers, call us with your e-mail address and we will add you to our list or click directly below; please include all addresses you would like the flyer to go to in your business to keep abreast of the new parts we are bringing out.
John Fortney
Team EC
EC Products Design Inc.
1 (800) 488-5209

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