1964-1967 Corvette Spare Tire Carrier

C1-C4 Corvette Spare Tire Parts

Are you in the middle of your C1 or C2 Corvette restoration project and looking to fill the void in your trunk? Then check out Corvette Pacifica‘s¬†selection of Corvette spare tire parts to finish your project. Whether you need a complete 1964-67 Corvette spare tire carrier assembly, or a C1 spare tire cover board, we are sure to have the best reproduction parts available on the market.

Our 1953-55 Corvette spare tire boards are the first vehicle specific boards available on the market. Manufactured to the correct thickness and with 5 ply original style material, our reproduction boards fit in your trunk and cover your spare just like OEM! Plus the black satin lacquer finish on the wood adds a nice touch.

For the C2 and C3 Corvette crowd, we have recently added all the replacement parts you need for your spare tire carrier. Whether you’re looking for a midyear lower spare tire tray, midyear upper tub, or spare tub hold down straps¬†or lock bolts, we are sure to have all the parts you need.

Check out our large selection of Corvette spare tire and related parts by clicking here!


Happy Motoring,

Corvette Pacifica


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